Chocolate Salami – Vegan Recipe

This Chocolate Salami is a typical Italian homemade dessert, prepared with a few simple ingredients.  Quick and easy to prepare, without cooking, it is a perfect after-meal dessert or a delicious snack. And what’s more? It is vegan! Impress your friends and family with this delicious vegan chocolate salami during a small gathering or as … Read more

Vegan Hot Chocolate ( Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa )

Inside: I’m so tired of this cold weather! It’s back-and-forth and I just want to be warm. Thank goodness this Vegan Hot Chocolate ( Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa ) warms me up! First, let me say that I love where I live. I feel super lucky to be in Texas and get a little winter every … Read more

Monster Lemon Ice Cream {vegan}

vegan ice cream for monster's inc. party feature

(Inside: Look. Summer draaaaags…so I have to make something that the kids are going to love. Sometimes, that means whipping out all the sprinkles in the house and really knocking out a delicious bowl of ridiculousness. Monster Lemon Ice Cream (vegan and dairy-free) to the rescue.) This is a no-judging zone, right? No one here … Read more

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

(Inside: Simple Vegan Stuffed Peppers that are so magically full of flavor and delicious, they make my mouth water–even days after I’ve scarfed them. Also, I have some in the freezer. Mmmm…) We were having friends over for dinner when I found out they were vegan. I had planned to make stuffed peppers, like my … Read more