Bloody Eyeball Dessert – Vegan Panna Cotta {fancy word for pudding-ey stuff}

easy vegan panna cotta recipe feature

(Inside: One creepy-cool recipe for a bloody eyeball dessert, AKA Vegan Panna Cotta. It’s amazing, easy and the result is creeptacularly fun. It’s definitely going into the Halloween recipe hall of fame in my book.) It was a dark and stormy night…and a blind cyclops sat on the hill outside his cave, crying “Whhhhere is … Read more

Monster Lemon Ice Cream {vegan}

vegan ice cream for monster's inc. party feature

(Inside: Look. Summer draaaaags…so I have to make something that the kids are going to love. Sometimes, that means whipping out all the sprinkles in the house and really knocking out a delicious bowl of ridiculousness. Monster Lemon Ice Cream (vegan and dairy-free) to the rescue.) This is a no-judging zone, right? No one here … Read more

Pineapple Coconut Nice Cream Pops

Pineapple Coconut Nice Cream Pops

It’s that summer season when we all crave those tasty frozen treats. How about one that’s dairy free? We’ve got you covered. Pineapple Coconut Nice Cream Pops are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of non dairy eaters. Plus even if you are a dairy eater you are going to love these. The are fresh … Read more

Super Fun Unicorn Drool Lip Balm

Unicorn Drool

Yes, yes you know you want to put some of this Unicorn Droll on your lips. Oh come on! Seriously. Everyone loves a magical unicorn why wouldn’t you want this Super Fun Unicorn Drool Lip Balm on your lips? It’s just coconut oil after all. It’s not really Unicorn Drool. Buts Shhhh… don’t tell anyone. We … Read more

Coconut Milk Cream Cheese {Vegan & Nut-Free}

easy dairy-free cream cheese recipe feature

Being dairy-free is almost like cutting out a whole part of my life. There’s just so much I feel like I don’t get to enjoy. Like my mother-in-law’s homemade lasagna or my own fried chicken. I really miss those. But one thing I’m so super-excited I don’t have to miss-out on anymore…cream cheese. And all … Read more