Simple Unicorn Horn Snacks

Unicorn Horns

(Inside: Never eat a unicorn horn, right? Not this one–super simple, kind of silly and really fun, you can have these party snacks made in about 5 minutes–and they’re the perfect foil for Unicorn Ice Cream. Get your Simple Unicorn Horn Snacks ready because the horn-snackahton is about to be so on.) Now we know … Read more

Stupid Simple Unicorn Pretzels

Unicorn Pretzels

(Inside: Nocking another simple party food out for a unicorn party…the ultimate in easy: Stupid Simple Unicorn Pretzels. You can’t go wrong with pretzels, but if you’re throwing down the ultimate unicorn party, this is the perfect snack to go along with all the sweets. And so simple you can make it anytime just for a … Read more

Unicorn Dip

Unicorn Dip

(Inside: The French Onion Dip you never knew you needed. It’s Unicorn Dip. The perfect accompaniment to any broccoli, carrot, chip, whatever. No, really, it’s perfect. It’s a unicorn product. And everything they make is so awesome, you can’t even.) Spring is in the near future–despite the winter’s never-ending-nature this year. I see plenty of … Read more

20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party


(Inside: This. Is. An. Epic. List of 20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party. If you’re planning a Unicorn Party for a little girl anytime soon…this is the list for you. Hit ’em up, because wow–this is going to be awesome.) Are you planning to through a magical party with tons of unicorns everywhere for … Read more