Twelve Hacks for Making the Perfect Creme Brulee

Following these twelve hacks for making the perfect creme brulee will help you achieve your goal of a perfect dessert every single time. You may think that making creme brulee is difficult, but it’s actually pretty simple. Creme brulee is a dessert consisting of a layer of custard topped with sugar that you have caramelized. This … Read more

Easy Apple Galette with Puff Pastry

fruit pie

An apple pie that is not an apple pie! This quick and easy Apple Galette with puff pastry is equally delicious. The difference is, you are making it on a thinner crust, the puff pastry, and covering only the sliced apples on the side. AND it can be served as it is or with toppings … Read more

Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipe + VIDEO

This Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipe made me want to create more Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipes. Want to know what a hot cocoa bomb is? Keep reading! What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb? A hot chocolate bomb (also known as hot cocoa bomb) is a chocolate shell filled with warm, chocolate goodness. You can include … Read more

Cookie Butter Cupcakes Topped with Cookie Butter Whipped Cream

Cupcakes are popular because you can have your favorite cake in just the right size for you alone. These cookie butter cupcakes are pretty and look even tastier with beautiful cookie butter whipped cream topping. Cookie butter cupcakes topped with cookie butter whipped cream are my new favorite snack, and they are so easy to … Read more