Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap – Magical Colorful Soap

Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap

Unicorn time again and everyone is excited! My girls’ eyes are twinkling while I bring out the things we’re going to use! When they saw the molds that I was holding, they chorused… Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap! Yep! Those are my girls alright! They love anything Unicorn, even poops. But these are cute, colorful and kids … Read more

Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs – Fun DIY Bath Bombs

Soaking in a warm bath with Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs is awesome. The color, shapes and scent makes me feel like I am by the beach, under the shade of a coconut tree and enjoying the summer. I was watching some movie while I was sitting cozy and drinking my favorite hot cocoa bomb when … Read more

DIY Stamped Mason Jar Ring Coasters Craft

Mason Jars have so many uses. When it comes to crafts, mason jars are also a winner as you can make so much from them. Another awesome craft is the Stamped Mason Jar Ring Coasters. These coasters are unique and cute. They are handy, too. You can use it as the cover of a mason … Read more

Hulk Bath Bombs – Bath Bomb that Smash

The green, enormous but adorable guy in the Avengers team can be a great theme for the bath bombs, too. Just like these Hulk Bath Bombs. Bath bombs are such an enjoyable company as you bathe. Relaxing into your bathtub with warm and scented water is rewarding after a hectic day.  Getting the bath bombs … Read more

Wood Letter Decoupage Craft

Wood Letter Decoupage Craft

This Wood Letter Decoupage Craft can be a perfect gift!. Create the initials, then glue that favorite patterned paper or colors. That’s it!  You can see how gorgeous those letters are. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, yet unique and thoughtful gift, this is perfect for a new house or even a wood … Read more