Baby Yoda Rock Painting -Fun Star Wars Craft

As a mom, I make sure to spend ‘valuable’ time with my kids. Something worthwhile that would show or at least discover each others’ skills, yet enjoyable. Like making crafts. And so, this Baby Yoda Rock Painting Craft brings all the fun in creativeness. This activity will surely be enjoyed by the kids. Right from the start. Well, … Read more

Embroidery Hoop Wreath Cricut Craft

This Cricut machine of mine is doing really well when it comes to crafts. It made my DIY crafts a lot faster and a lot better. Just like this pretty Embroidery Hoop Wreath Cricut Craft. I found an embroidery hoop when I was rummaging some old stocks. And I couldn’t remember when did I last used it but … Read more

20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas – Fun & Easy Craft

Still can’t get over the Star Wars? You’re not alone! These 20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas will give you fun and useful items that you can make yourself that reeking Star Wars. Star Wars fans enjoy anything that has something Star Wars on it. They all look cool! I’m sure even non-fans will like … Read more

Easy Severed Finger Cupcakes Recipe

Severed Finger Cupcakes recipe

Hey guys! Are you thinking about what treats to make for this coming Halloween? No need to look further. These Severed Finger Cupcakes are absolutely going to be a hit! Last Halloween, I made Mummy Macarons and they were adorable as well as amazingly tasty. My kids loved them. But they wanted to “up the … Read more

Spiced Pita Chips Recipe – Spice Up Those Pitas

 These savory Spiced Pita Chips are so tasty and crunchy that is just perfect to snack on. The tastes of herbs and spices make you keep on munching them. The Christmas season is so near and I am getting busy with DIY ornaments here and getting excited. I like doing them continuously and hoping there’s … Read more