Cherry Banana Smoothie – Easy, Refreshing Breakfast

Easy Cherry Banana Smoothie recipe

This oh-so-creamy Cherry Banana Smoothie is so refreshing and healthy at the same time. Fully packed with awesome flavor, too. Perfect for breakfast or as a snack after a rigorous exercise. Or just slurping down for a day’s relaxation. One thing about smoothies that I really like, they are very easy to make. Many kinds of … Read more

Blue Tea – The Simplest Recipe and What’s in it?

The Blue tea

This Blue Tea is not something new or recently discovered. Originated in South East Asia, this has been around for ages. It is made, not with leaves as common teas are, but with the blue flowers of Clitorea ternatea plant or the Butterfly Pea. Butterfly pea has other names. It is also called blue-pea, Aprajita, Cordofan … Read more

Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap – Magical Colorful Soap

Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap

Unicorn time again and everyone is excited! My girls’ eyes are twinkling while I bring out the things we’re going to use! When they saw the molds that I was holding, they chorused… Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap! Yep! Those are my girls alright! They love anything Unicorn, even poops. But these are cute, colorful and kids … Read more

Rainbow Emoji Poop Rice Krispies

Rainbow Emoji Poop Rice Krispies Recipe

When I opened my cupboard, I saw that I still had a box of Rice Krispies Cereal and some colorful sprinkles as well. Seems they are waving at me, trying to get my attention. Well, they succeeded! Because my brain suddenly lightened up and thought of making something that I and my girls will surely enjoy. We … Read more