Free Printable Mandala Weekly Planner

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So, you always have a lot of things to do. Surely, your weekly planner can be your best friend when it comes to time management especially during tough schedules. This Mandala Weekly Planner will give you something new and soothing to look at on your table.

Instead of lines and texts that you always see,  Mandala images added on it can help you feel relaxed. And we have this free printable Mandala Weekly Planners just about right for you!

weekly planner

What is Mandala anyway?

When you look at it, you will probably see a circular shape full of geometric figures in it. You might say that these sophisticated designs are really nice. 

But there is more to it! According to Wikipedia, Mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas are being used for focusing the attention of practitioners and experts. It is also a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Weekly Planner

Mandalas are usually in a form of circles. But they can also be in squares or other shapes. These are carefully measured geometric, and symmetrical. And it can also be free-flowing and asymmetrical.

In the traditions of Buddhist and Hindu, Mandalas are objects of meditation to help one’s spiritual development.

 Your Mandala Weekly Planner

Having a weekly planner is very important for anyone to carefully manage your time. It can help you with your schedules, tasks, and reminders, too. There is also a Daily Planner, but a Weekly planner can be a lot easier as you can see the whole week’s activities.

Printable Weekly Planner

Besides meditation, Mandala designs are intended to remove irritating thoughts. They let your mind relax and become more productive positively. Thus, looking at the Mandalas aids one’s focus, relieves stress, and sets the body and mind at the center.

This Mandala Weekly Planner will not only aid you with time management but also helps your body and mind to relax. It can also ease one’s thoughts, and become positively productive.

Here are the Mandala Weekly Planner with 3 different designs you can freely download and print.

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