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Chantal is a nerd on a mission of mom-hood who wants to live in a world where unicorns are real rainbows can be walked over and the Stormtroopers never find those suspicious droids they were looking for.

As a partner in NerdyMamma with her awesome-tastic mom Darlene, Chantal has been featured on TotallytheBomb.com and TheAdultierAdult.com.

When she’s not blogging her brains out on her mac, you can find her rolling around on the floor with her baby, toddler, teen, 2 dogs and hubby.

Her next post hits the blog almost every day–she just loves to write so very much. And there’s just nothing too nerdy for her, so watch out, or the nediness might just overwhelm.

Discover how to add a little nerdy to your momming with Chantal at NerdyMamma.com.

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