Simple Unicorn Horn Snacks

Unicorn Horns

(Inside: Never eat a unicorn horn, right? Not this one–super simple, kind of silly and really fun, you can have these party snacks made in about 5 minutes–and they’re the perfect foil for Unicorn Ice Cream. Get your Simple Unicorn Horn Snacks ready because the horn-snackahton is about to be so on.) Now we know … Read more

Dairy Free Unicorn Milkshake

Unicorn Milkshakes

(Inside: I won’t even argue about it–my kids love unicorn food and this is the pinnacle of summer awesomeness that has a horn and runs on golden hooves. Seriously, let’s all enjoy a moment for a Dairy Free Unicorn Milkshake. You know you want to.) Want your kids to be completely excited this summer about … Read more

Peppermint Candy Stand DIY

Peppermint Candy Stand DIY

Tis’ the season is here! Ya’ll know everyone is doing cute crafts and working up some new appetizer. Or what about those holiday cupcakes or pretty Christmas cakes. Sometimes we forget what were plan to display them on. Well here at Nerdy Mamma we have just the right stand for all your holiday needs. Honestly, … Read more