No-Churn Ice Cream (Cookies and Cream)

Ice cream is always the best dessert for the summer. And one of my favorites is the easy, homemade, and no-churn ice cream. And it’s not just ordinary ice cream. It’s the delicious cookies and cream! Ice creams are usually made using an ice cream machine or ice cream churn. Although it is amazing to … Read more

6 Summer Snack Hacks You Need to Know

These 6 Summer Snack Hacks will make sure you have the best snacks all Summer long! If you’re like me, yo want something cool, refreshing, and tasty on a hot summer day! 1. Use a Cupcake Liner to Catch Melting Popsicles. Popsicles are such a great treat, but when they come dripping down on your hand and make … Read more

Strawberry Sherbet with Yogurt

This Strawberry Sherbet with yogurt tastes distinctly of fresh strawberries, just like a cross between frozen yogurt and sorbet. A perfect mouthwatering summer treat. Making the best strawberry sherbet should also be the simplest thing to do. With small berries that pop in your mouth and release those sweet-sour tastes onto your taste buds, and … Read more

Ridiculously Chocolatey Unicorn Pudding Pops

I have to admit, I’m not always a fan of chocolate. But when I made these Ridiculously Chocolatey Unicorn Pudding Pops, I couldn’t get enough! So much chocolate, but so good I just can’t stand it, these unicorn pudding pops are definitely my new favorite summer treat. And do not tell me that summer’s not … Read more

Vegan Butterbeer Ice Cream

(Inside: I am in love with this recipe for Vegan Butterbeer Ice Cream. Literally finished an entire batch on my own–and I can’t wait to make a new one.) Do you ever have a recipe that you’re kind of sorry you found/invented? Yeeeah, meet mine: Vegan Butterbeer Ice Cream. I’m already a foodie. And a … Read more