Bloody Eyeball Dessert – Vegan Panna Cotta {fancy word for pudding-ey stuff}

easy vegan panna cotta recipe feature

(Inside: One creepy-cool recipe for a bloody eyeball dessert, AKA Vegan Panna Cotta. It’s amazing, easy and the result is creeptacularly fun. It’s definitely going into the Halloween recipe hall of fame in my book.) It was a dark and stormy night…and a blind cyclops sat on the hill outside his cave, crying “Whhhhere is … Read more

Creepy Eyeball Cupcakes {egg-free and dairy-free}

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Over the weekend, I’m rolling through the store and I see these ridiculously cute eyeballs just staring at me from a package (on the Halloween candy aisle…why I was trolling there, is a mystery of the ages). I just knew I could do something cool with them. Totally inspired by these awesome Blarg Eyeball Cupcakes by … Read more