Creepy Eyeball Cupcakes {egg-free and dairy-free}

eyeball cupcake idea feature

Over the weekend, I’m rolling through the store and I see these ridiculously cute eyeballs just staring at me from a package (on the Halloween candy aisle…why I was trolling there, is a mystery of the ages). I just knew I could do something cool with them. Totally inspired by these awesome Blarg Eyeball Cupcakes by … Read more

WTF Chicken {Whiskey, Tomato and Frozen Chicken}

easy crockpot recipe with frozen chicken feature

Get your mind out of the gutter right now! That is totally not what I meant…WTF! No, really. I was making this chicken dish in the crockpot (it’s one of my favorites) and was trying to come up with a name for it so I could share it here, my husband walked past and he … Read more

Super-Fast Vampire Dentures Cookies

super-fast vampire dentures cookies feature

I was in a massive hurry (because I procrastinate ALL THE TIME until it bites me in the butt–heh) to get snacks ready for my son’s halloween party at school last year. I ended-up taking a plain set of cookies from the store, because, you know, I’m lame that way sometimes (I can’t always be … Read more