Conversation Heart Ice Cream

Conversation Heart Ice Cream

Are you planning that fantastic dinner date night since you have kids like me where you stay in and watch movies? Well I have just the thing to pair with your steaks. Maybe your doing Chinese or chicken with vegetables. Either way I have the best Valentine’s Day ice cream you can serve up. This … Read more

Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Marble Cake

easy egg-free chocolate pumpkin cake feature

I know that there’s already a lot (A LOT) of recipes out there for fall and pumpkin and all that, but I love this recipe so much, I just had to share. You see, my son loves chocolate cake. And I love pumpkin. Marry the two (because, really, what could be better?) and you get … Read more

Super-Fast Vampire Dentures Cookies

super-fast vampire dentures cookies feature

I was in a massive hurry (because I procrastinate ALL THE TIME until it bites me in the butt–heh) to get snacks ready for my son’s halloween party at school last year. I ended-up taking a plain set of cookies from the store, because, you know, I’m lame that way sometimes (I can’t always be … Read more