Heart Macarons Recipe – Cute Valentine Macarons

It’s the month of loooove and everybody’s preparing to celebrate with a kiss and a sweetie. These Heart Macarons are all you need to make your way into your sweetheart’s heart. People are always in love… love family, friends, the better half, and soon-to-be better-half, and even pets (but don’t give them macarons, that’s not what I’m suggesting … Read more

Strawberries and Cream Fudge Recipe

I made this incredibly easy and fun Strawberries and Cream Fudge for a snack and now I’m in love. The last time I made fudge, I told the kids I was making it, they went ballistic. So I tried to hide it this time. I didn’t work though. They’re smart. They know things. But with … Read more

Valentines Mini Gum Ball Machines

Valentines Day Mini Gum Ball Machines

These Valentines Mini Gum Ball Machines are just the perfect craft for kiddos – and a great gift idea for school parties or ding-dong-ditch Valentines gifts! Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day. But it can be fun, too, especially for youngsters and young at hearts. Making a little something cute for a unique … Read more

DIY Unicorn Poop Treats with Free Printable Bag Toppers

(Inside: I had an idea for a cute Valentines gift for older kids to give each other. Introducing the DIY Unicorn Poop Treats with Free Printable Bag Toppers. You’ll love ’em.) When preparing for your kiddos’ various Valentines parties, sometimes you’re told “I don’t want to take the same thing my sister is taking.” And … Read more

Valentine Cake Mix Cookies

(Inside: You can’t have a kid’s Valentines party without some hearts or treats…it’s a law. Thankfully these Valentine Cake Mix Cookies fit the bill.) There’s two holidays I love more in this world more than anything else–Halloween (duh) and Valentines. Now, I know that this may seem contradictory, but seriously, these two holidays are the … Read more