Dark Chocolate Caramel Macarons Recipe

These Dark Chocolate Caramel Macarons will surely be among your favorite in your long list of macarons for 2 things: it’s chocolate and it’s macarons.  Chocolates are always among the best treats we can offer to anyone. It’s hard to resist, right? I wonder what’s with the chocolates. And then these macarons are so one of … Read more

Witch Finger Cookies – Easy Halloween Cookies

Witch Finger Cookies

These Witch Finger Cookies are so creepy that they will become the star in your Halloween celebrations. They are so perfect and fun for this holiday. Excited about the coming Halloween? We are, too! My kids are always excited about their costumes and the decorations we are going to put out. But we are more … Read more

Cookie Butter Fudge

Cookie Butter Fudge

A delicious treat for everyone. This Cookie Butter Fudge is something that you will crave once you tasted it. But if you are fond of cookie butter, this is the next thing you will wish to make. Why not? The recipe is simple and very easy to make! When you have kids, snacks and treats … Read more

Cookie Butter Cookie Dough Bars

If you’re a cookie butter lover, then, you shouldn’t miss these Cookie Butter Cookie Dough Bars! The best snack you will want to have. These smooth, gooey bars will complete your day.   What I like about these cookie dough bars is that it can be a quick snack when you are somewhat in a hurry. … Read more

Easy Halloween Macarons Recipe

This Easy Halloween Macarons Recipe is just what you are looking for! These are the best treats you can prepare for Halloween. Here is something you will be enjoying while making, not just one, but three different looks that are so perfect for Halloween. I can’t wait to make a lot of these macarons. My kids are … Read more