Easy Severed Finger Cupcakes Recipe

Severed Finger Cupcakes recipe

Hey guys! Are you thinking about what treats to make for this coming Halloween? No need to look further. These Severed Finger Cupcakes are absolutely going to be a hit! Last Halloween, I made Mummy Macarons and they were adorable as well as amazingly tasty. My kids loved them. But they wanted to “up the … Read more

IT Bath Bombs – IT Movie Inspired DIY Bath Bombs

 Have you seen the IT movie? If not, I’m sure you had seen the movie trailer or at least heard about it. That was frantically thrilling! I’m sure anyone who saw IT enjoyed the movie! And any fan will surely enjoy these IT Bath Bombs, too!  Bath Bombs are popular nowadays. Sometimes they are called Bath Fizzer, as … Read more

Easy Halloween Toasts Recipe

Easy Halloween Toasts Recipe

 This time, we are going to use toasts on Halloween. They are not going to be like the ordinary, boring toasts. Although this is Halloween Toasts Recipe, they’re not going to be too spooky. But Halloween should be spooky! Well, of course, but not necessarily everything. We can put the theme and you’ll know it’s also perfect … Read more

Easy Halloween Vampire Bite Cupcakes Recipe

Easy Halloween Vampire Bite Cupcakes recipe

I always like cupcakes. Besides being so delicious and be made with different flavors and textures, they can be designed to go for themed parties and celebrations. Or just to enjoy and relax while having these cupcakes. This Halloween Vampire Bite Cupcakes recipe is another one to enjoy. After the excitements of trick or treating, … Read more