Chicken Taquitos

Best as a snack, a meal, or party finger food, that’s the chicken taquitos! Packed with healthy ingredients with tasty, chicken meat, all wrapped in tortillas, what else can you ask for! Who doesn’t enjoy chicken taquitos? They are great for any occasion! Parties, picnics, a movie night, football match, a food-to-go, or just a … Read more

Easy Chicken Street Tacos

These Easy Chicken Street Tacos are an amazing choice for parents who are always looking for easy recipes to make for their families. The recipe is simple with only a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. These tacos come together quickly and will be ready fast enough to feed all the … Read more

Easy Halloween Toasts Recipe

Easy Halloween Toasts Recipe

 This time, we are going to use toasts on Halloween. They are not going to be like the ordinary, boring toasts. Although this is Halloween Toasts Recipe, they’re not going to be too spooky. But Halloween should be spooky! Well, of course, but not necessarily everything. We can put the theme and you’ll know it’s also perfect … Read more

Ghost Hot Cocoa Bombs – Halloween Treat

These cool white ghost hot cocoa bombs are something to chill about. Do you think they’re eerie? Or do you think they’re cute? However you want to look at these, I love drinking them up during this cool evening. And it’s perfect for Halloween night… right? Because they are called ghost hot cocoa bombs, you … Read more

Baked Mashed Potato Cups

Let’s make mashed potatoes more exciting! These baked mashed potato cups are loaded with tasty ingredients, then baked. These baked mashed potato cups can be more than exciting, because they are so easy to make. There are times that I have leftover mashed potatoes. Thankfully we have a recipe to use up those leftover mashed … Read more