Easy Halloween Spider Pizza

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(Inside: This pizza is EPIC. No, really. You don’t get second chances to have Halloween pizza–and this is, hands-down, the best pizza for Halloween dinner. You won’t get better than this Easy Halloween Spider Pizza.) It’s kind of a tradition in our house to have pizza on the night we do trick-or-treating. But plain-ole pizza … Read more

Creepy Eyeball Cupcakes {egg-free and dairy-free}

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Over the weekend, I’m rolling through the store and I see these ridiculously cute eyeballs just staring at me from a package (on the Halloween candy aisle…why I was trolling there, is a mystery of the ages). I just knew I could do something cool with them. Totally inspired by these awesome Blarg Eyeball Cupcakes by … Read more

25 Spooky Halloween Cookie Recipes

Rather than having a few boring orange-and-black cookies, I decided that, this Halloween, we’re having some really killer, creepy snacks for my kid’s halloween party. I’ll be making some of these awesome Spooky Halloween Cookie Recipes. Now if I could just decide which of these I’m hungry for–I mean, the kids might like…oh, who am I kidding? … Read more