Pineapple Coconut Nice Cream Pops

Pineapple Coconut Nice Cream Pops

It’s that summer season when we all crave those tasty frozen treats. How about one that’s dairy free? We’ve got you covered. Pineapple Coconut Nice Cream Pops are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of non dairy eaters. Plus even if you are a dairy eater you are going to love these. The are fresh … Read more

Pineapple Sun Catcher Craft

Planning for back to school or home school projects? This Pineapple Sun Catcher Craft is a fun craft. It can also be a great motor skills craft. Grab a pair of scissors, yarn, and washable marker and your good to go! This craft is easy and comes from things you generally already have around in … Read more

Vegan Hawaiian Scones

pineapple scones feature

I just have crappy days sometimes. It’s like I can’t win for trying. My daughter (she’s 2) had pneumonia…and I was working on getting a case of it myself. Then the baby was teething. Then I had my visit from Aunt Flo. Then we all felt crappy from the antibiotics. It’s like nothing was going … Read more