Dairy-Free Unicorn Fudge

Unicorn Fudge

(Inside: Dude. Sometimes, I’m incredibly ridiculous. Like so ridiculous that I make a Dairy-Free Unicorn Fudge just for myself and my littles.) Ridiculouslity kind of runs in my family. My mom used to make fun recipes with me as a kid and I feel like I should just top that with my littles. I mean, … Read more

10 Ways to Hide Christmas Presents From the Kids

10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids

I am not sneaky by nature, but every year about this time I have to turn myself into Sherlock Holmes and try to stay one step ahead of my kids.  I have talked to enough parents to know that hiding Christmas gifts is a BIG problem.  I did a little brainstorming and came up with … Read more

Pineapple Sun Catcher Craft

Planning for back to school or home school projects? This Pineapple Sun Catcher Craft is a fun craft. It can also be a great motor skills craft. Grab a pair of scissors, yarn, and washable marker and your good to go! This craft is easy and comes from things you generally already have around in … Read more

Sand Bucket Beach Bear Cups

Sand Bucket Beach Bears Cups

It’s bright sunny summer and you want a treat by the pool. Sand Bucket Beach Bear Cups are the cutest thing to serve up! Can you imagine the little bear climbing on in. I can! Make these ahead put them in the fridge and serve them up at a gathering or party. Sand Bucket Beach … Read more