How to Install a Roll-up Blind and Valance

(Inside: Super-simple, but really impactful improvement to any window, this is How to Install a Roll-up Blind and Valance.) So, let’s chat about how easy this is. Like, do you really need a tutorial for How to Install a Roll-up Blind and Valance? Yeah, I wish that I’d had one. See, I wasn’t aware it … Read more

How to Make Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decorations

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10 Ways to Hide Christmas Presents From the Kids

10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids

I am not sneaky by nature, but every year about this time I have to turn myself into Sherlock Holmes and try to stay one step ahead of my kids.  I have talked to enough parents to know that hiding Christmas gifts is a BIG problem.  I did a little brainstorming and came up with … Read more

5 Blogging Myths You Should Avoid

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How To Shop LuLaRoe For Christmas Gifts

Maybe you have heard of LuLaRoe taking the fashion world to the most comfortable level possible. Maybe you haven’t heard but someone asked for either a Cassie, leggings, Carly, or an Ana on their Christmas wishlist. We are going to give you a few pointers here if your a first time LuLaRoe buyer or even … Read more