10 Ways to Hide Christmas Presents From the Kids

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10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids

I am not sneaky by nature, but every year about this time I have to turn myself into Sherlock Holmes and try to stay one step ahead of my kids.  I have talked to enough parents to know that hiding Christmas gifts is a BIG problem.  I did a little brainstorming and came up with 10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids!  Yep…you read that right…10 ways!  Woot, woot–ideas for everyone!

10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids

10 Ways of Hiding Christmas Presents From the Kids


Okay, I admit this one is obvious, but in my defense….it is a really great spot.  Most kids are afraid to go into an attic so there is less chance of them snooping around.  So, if the house has an attic it is a great place to hide those gifts.


Many garages have tall shelving units and areas that are kind of inconvenient to reach. These are the spots in the garage that I would stow the gifts.  I can put them into plastic totes or even black trash bags.  My kids don’t spend much time in the garage.  I do make sure to keep the garage locked up though!


A separate shed is an excellent location for gifts.  Most sheds are full of lawn mowers, rakes, etc.  Sheds can be locked up from prying eyes….it is a great idea!

Someone Else’s House:

I know kids who will snoop until they find the gifts.  It doesn’t matter how well you hide the gifts…they cannot be on property, or the child will locate them.  When it gets really tough, I just have to concede to my child’s detective abilities and take the gifts to a friend or relatives’ house.

Storage Totes:

You can actually hide the gifts in plain sight if you are smart about it.  I love to use plastic storage containers that are labeled…Halloween Decorations, Out of Season Clothes, etc.  Instead of decor…there are gifts inside!  This is a great solution if you don’t have an attic, shed, garage, etc.

10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids

Locked Closet:

Some homes have a storage area under the stairs or an extra storage closet.  Put a lock on the door and turn that into the present area.  The trick here is to make sure not to leave the key laying around!!

Under the tree:

If it isn’t a gift from Santa I like to go ahead and wrap it and put it under the tree.  My kids know that if they dared to try and unwrap the gifts under the tree before Christmas….nerdy mama would become crazy mama, LOL!  This means I only have to hide Santa gifts and stocking stuffers!

Rented Storage Unit:

I know so many families who rent a storage unit year round for various reasons. Some have a boat they keep in it, other people are just hoarders, LOL.  If you already rent a storage unit…that is the perfect place to hide the gifts.  If I was renting a unit just to put gifts in I would go for a small, cheap unit!

Under the Bed:

I wouldn’t just shove the gifts directly under the bed.  I do like to put them all the way in the center under the bed and put other things on the outside edges.  I will put extra pillows, blankets or small tubs along the outside edge where prying eyes could be peeking.


We have a bunch of old suitcases in our basement.  No one ever notices these old suitcases.  They really are a great place to hide gifts.  I can put a lot of gifts and even some larger gifts inside and put them right back where they were.  No one is the wiser, except me!

So which of these 10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids is your favorite?  I am amazed at how creative and sneaky I have to be as a parent. (yeah…I rock, LOL)  That sure wasn’t in the parenting books, huh?!

10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids

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10 ways to hide Christmas presents from the kids

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