Dairy-Free Unicorn Fudge

Unicorn Fudge

(Inside: Dude. Sometimes, I’m incredibly ridiculous. Like so ridiculous that I make a Dairy-Free Unicorn Fudge just for myself and my littles.) Ridiculouslity kind of runs in my family. My mom used to make fun recipes with me as a kid and I feel like I should just top that with my littles. I mean, … Read more

Deliciously Dipped Valentine Wafer Cookies

OMG! These deliciously dipped Valentines Wafer Cookies are the PERFECT Valentine dessert! So simple and yummy!

Valentine’s day isn’t just about your other half. You know your husband, boyfriend, or significant other. It’s about the love between friendships. The love between mother and son or mother and daughter. It can be so easy to loose sight in this. Every year I make sure to find something small. Something that says I … Read more