Monster Lemon Ice Cream {vegan}

vegan ice cream for monster's inc. party feature

(Inside: Look. Summer draaaaags…so I have to make something that the kids are going to love. Sometimes, that means whipping out all the sprinkles in the house and really knocking out a delicious bowl of ridiculousness. Monster Lemon Ice Cream (vegan and dairy-free) to the rescue.) This is a no-judging zone, right? No one here … Read more

Easy Ghost Cupcakes {eggless and dairy-free}

easy ghost cupcake idea for halloween feature

I’ll be honest, I am about in love with how fast these Easy Ghost Cupcakes come together. They seem complex, but really, I wish I’d thought of this years ago. Oh, and they’re egg-free and dairy-free, so they about top my list of awesome things this week. Ingredients for Easy Ghost Cupcakes Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes 2 … Read more

Easy Melted Witch Cookies

easy melted witch cookies feature

Stop laughing. This is really a cool recipe! My toddler helped me make it…so, yours can, too. These Easy Melted Witch Cookies rock. And they’re vegan (ish). Well, you can make them that way. You’ll see. Ingredients for Easy Melted Witch Cookies Cookies 4 cups flour 1 tspn baking soda 1/2 tspn baking powder 1 … Read more