How to Make an Easy Witch’s Fairy House

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I recently decided that I’m in love with those little fairy houses you see and thought it would be fun to make an Easy Witch’s Fairy House for Halloween! It turned out to be so simple, I can’t wait to make another one.

Seriously, I had no idea how relaxing and fun playing with clay would be. And then the painting and that feeling of accomplishment as I learned something new…that was pretty fantastic.

So, if you’re asking me I am all in for making fairy houses. 

This one in particular is close to my heart because I love the spooky season so much and putting a fairy garden out for Halloween just made sense.

And when I stumbled on everything I needed–with free shipping–at Blick Art Materials, I knew there was nothing holding me back from making this come true.

I pulled together all the items I needed, got it ordered and within just a day or two (the shipping from Blick was SO FAST!) I had everything I needed and ready start making…

If you’re in for making a little fairy haunted house, grab and old pickle jar, because here we go!

witch fairy house tutoial
Make this easy witch fairy house for Halloween!

Easy Witch’s Fairy House

Tips to Make Fairy Houses

  • Go slow. Do not try to rush–if you do, you’re going to be disappointed. Working with clay is super relaxing and you absolutely CAN make amazingly pretty things. Just take your time and enjoy the process. 
  • Let the clay dry fully. Just like with any project, you want your base to be fully dried before you go off doing another layer or painting or anything. So, when you reach a point that you’re ready to sand, paint or do another big layer, make sure you let the clay dry all the way.
  • Get creative. If you think it would be neat to have a black cat as your fairy garden accessories, make a black cat. No one is going to complain. These are your garden’s fairy houses, so you make it your own.
  • Build as much structure as you can with foil. Foil is cheap and doesn’t take any time at all to dry, where as, the thicker the clay is, the longer it can take to dry. So, build your super structure with foil and just cover in a thin layer of clay.
  • This is not a doll house. You can make it tiny–you can make it big. There’s no proportion that it has to meet…it’s just a fun thing to put in the yard or in your house.

easy witch fairy house made of clay

What You Need to Make an Easy Witch’s Fairy House

  • Old Pickle Jar
  • Foil
  • Paper Clay
  • Water Colors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Clay Working Tools (optional)

How to Make an Easy Halloween Fairy House

Basically, you’ll make all the fun elements like the door and the hat and everything from the foil. You just make the general shape, hot glue it to the jar, then add more aluminum foil until you’re satisfied with the general shape.

Then you just use a thin coating of clay over everything. The clay can dry out while you’re working, so be aware of that. You can reactivate the paper clay by just wetting it, so it’s not a big deal, but it can be a surprise. 

Once you’ve got the entire jar and all the fun elements (the hat, the tree, the door, etc.) covered in clay, you can add details with your clay tools. Just kind of scratch, smooth and make each little element unique.

Then it’s time to let your clay dry. This can be overnight or if you want to set it aside for days–whatever works for you. Just put it in a well-ventilated area and you’re good to go!

When the clay is dry, I like to sand it so that it’s super smooooth. And then paint. Watercolors work best, because they dry fast and don’t reactivate the clay if you don’t try to dig-in. I like the more intense colors I got from Blick because then I only have to make one pass and I don’t have to wet the clay too much to get the color I want.

Let the paint dry and you’re done!

Witch Hat Fairy House Tutorial in Detail

easy witch fairy house made of clay
Yield: 1

Witch Fairy House

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This easy fairy house for halloween is so fun--a little witch's cabin with a witch hat roof!


  1. Clean your old pickle jar well with soap and water and then with some rubbing alcohol. You want any labels and glue from the labels cleaned off VERY well.
  2. Make a ball of foil and hot glue it on top of the lid of the jar. how to make a halloween fairy house_3
  3. Make a skinny snake of aluminum foil and twist it around the top half of the ball of foil, forming a cone on one end and leaving the edge flat out in the same plane as the lid. Hot glue this in place. Use as much aluminum foil as you want to make this the shape of your witch's hat. how to make a halloween fairy house_4
  4. Put the lid on the jar so you know where to position everything else.
  5. Make a skinny snake of foil to form the tree and hot glue it on the side of the jar.
  6. Make a skinny snake of foil to form the door threshold and glue that in place on the front of the jar.
  7. Make a skinny snake of foil to form the window seals and hot glue those to either side of the door.
  8. Fold foil into small, thick sheets to form the steps to the door and glue those in place. 
  9. Work with a small portion of clay at a time. how to make a halloween fairy house steps
  10. Cover the hat in clay, making it as smooth as possible.  how to make a witch halloween fairy house
  11. Cover the exposed glass parts of the jar in clay. how to make a halloween fairy house tutorial
  12. Add details to the door with your clay working tools. how to make a halloween fairy house with clay
  13. Cover remaining areas that are raised with the aluminum foil with the clay and add details like wood grain and bark on the tree.
  14. Allow clay to dry fully. While this is drying you can make your fairy garden accessories. I made a pumpkin and a belt buckle for the hat, but you could make anything--a black cat, a broom, anything. Think about what you'd see in a doll house for a witch...I don't know. LOL!
  15. Sand the witch's cabin to make the clay smooth. easy witch fairy house
  16. Paint the house yellow, then green, wiping off excess as you go, to create the desired finish. how to make a witch fairy house insturctions
  17. Paint the tree and door black and then dry brush with various shades of brown and grey. how to make a witch fairy house with recycled materials
  18. Paint the witch's hat black and then purple. Paint the buckle gold.  how to make a witch fairy house with a jar
  19. Allow paint to dry fully.
  20. Enjoy!

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how to make a fairy house for halloween with a witch hat

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