Monster Play Dough Non-Food Halloween Treat

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I love this treat for Halloween--that's not food! Such a fast, cute idea! Like a mini-invitation to play.

So, I was going to just give out these lame dollar toys for my non-food Halloween treat this year to kids that would rather not have candy (long story, but I didn’t want candy most of the time). Nothing seemed very cool, though, until I decided I’d make something. And that something was a mini-invitation to play. This Monster Play Dough is the coolest non-food Halloween treat I think I’ve ever seen. Best part: it’s taste-safe, so you can totally give it to little kids that you’re not sure if they’ll try to sneak a lick. Very cool.

I think I might also be giving these to my middle-schooler so he can take them to his homeroom class for their Halloween party. He might not think they’re as cool as a candy bar, but I don’t know…I caught him playing with one in the kitchen yesterday…

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Ingredients for Monster Play Dough

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How to Make Monster Play Dough

This is so complicated, I think you’ll have to probably do this DAYS in advance (just kidding–it took me about 15 minutes to make a dozen, including the time it took to make the dough).

  1. Take a wad of play dough and shove it in the container.
  2. Add a googley eye to the top.
  3. Slap on the lid.
  4. Then, if you want, you can totally add a cute printable label! (just so that when the kids get home with this, the parents aren’t confused)printable label for mini invitation to play for halloween

There you have it, world’s easiest non-food treat for Halloween. There’s another fun way to use those baby food containers over at ParentingChaos for glow in the dark jello! You could give those out for Halloween, too, or take them to your kid’s school party.

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