Clay Succulents Craft

These cute little Clay Succulents are so adorable. If you are a succ lover, then having these little ones are a must-have. Succulents are quite popular among plant enthusiasts for being easy to care for – basically, it’s the only plant I can keep alive. They are so pretty, too, no matter where you place … Read more

Monster Play Dough Non-Food Halloween Treat

easy monster play dough for halloween feature

So, I was going to just give out these lame dollar toys for my non-food Halloween treat this year to kids that would rather not have candy (long story, but I didn’t want candy most of the time). Nothing seemed very cool, though, until I decided I’d make something. And that something was a mini-invitation to … Read more

Mud Pie Play Dough Recipe

mud pie play dough recipe feature

Desperate times, my friends, desperate times. I had a toddler that was bored, the internet was out (meaning no Netflix) and the plethora of toys at hand were somehow not meeting her needs. But I had to cook dinner. There were people coming. And I’d promised steak, potatoes, and an apple pie. Not an easy … Read more

Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play

mini invitation to play for thanksgiving feature

I really should have named this post: “How to Keep Kids Occupied while Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner” or at least, how I hope to. Frankly, I love this Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play and will probably make it again for the kids, even if I’m not trying to make an over-done holiday meal. LOL! Ingredients for … Read more