Taste-Safe Vanilla Play Dough

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This recipe for taste-safe vanilla play dough is so ridiculously yummy smelling. I think it smells just like a nice cookie dough I want to EAT! LOL!

The best thing about making play dough for my kids (other than the fact that it keeps them entertained for a few minutes) is that it smells awesome. I can make pretty much any flavor of any kind with just a few simple ingredients and then my kid is playing in yummy-smelling awesomeness that just makes me smile. Have I ever mentioned that I dislike the smell of plain play dough? No? Well, I don’t. It’s just weird to me–like spanish rice weird. Not sure why that is, but whatever. So, I was trying to come up with an awesome white play dough to go with my peppermint play dough to make candy cane ornaments (long story), and it hit me! I should totally make cookie-dough smelling play dough! Thus, my Taste-Safe Vanilla Play Dough idea was born. It’s white(-ish) and smells so amazing. I just want to eat it. Probably shouldn’t do that, though. Probably doesn’t taste as good as it smells. Probably ought to make real cookies to eat. Probably…

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Ingredients for Taste-Safe Vanilla Play Dough

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How to Make Taste-Safe Vanilla Play Dough

  1. Mix dry ingredients together in a medium mixing bowl.
  2. Mix wet ingredients together in a small mixing bowl.
  3. Add wet ingredients into dry in 1/3 increments.
  4. Mix everything together using your hands.

Vanilla Play Dough is great, because you can color it any color you like. Oh, yeah, you can also add any flavor you like! So, go ahead and pin this recipe, so you can get back to it in the blink of an eye. You know you’ll need to make another batch!

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