What You Need for a Trip to the Zoo With Toddlers

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Zoo day equals fun day if I am prepared, LOL.  If not it may be the day from h-e-double-hockey-sticks if you catch my drift!!  When I take toddlers to the zoo there are special preparations to be done so that we can have our best day ever.  Find out what you need for a trip to the zoo with toddlers.

what you need for a trip to the zoo with toddlers

Here are Some Things that are Important, When You Take a Trip to the Zoo With Toddlers

A stroller is a must, because zoos can require a lot of walking.  Those little legs will wear out, and unless you want to burn extra calories carrying your toddler around I would bring or rent a stroller.  Plus it is a great place to stash your jackets, backpacks, etc.

Comfortable shoes for walking will make the day so much better.  I have had to force a flip flop loving toddler into tennis shoes before, but it was worth it.  Saving those stubbed toes is priceless!

Do I need to mention snacks and drinks?  Probably not, but I will anyway.  Each zoo has their own policy about what you can bring in, but most zoos are friendly with coolers.  I typically bring a small carry along cooler (paid link), and we will even pack a picnic lunch.  Plenty of extra drinks and snacks go inside our cooler, but zoos bring out the hungry beasts in my kids.

Don’t leave home without the sunscreen.  We may spend the entire day at the zoo, and I have always regretted the times I forgot to put sunscreen on my kids, and they went home sunburned.  🙁

what you need for a trip to the zoo with toddlers

A camera is always a great thing to have on hand, because the precious photo opps at the zoo are abounding.  I sometimes bring my “real” camera, and other times I will just use my phone camera.  Just be sure to be on the lookout for great photo opps.

An extra pair of clothing for my kids is definitely going into our zoo backpack.  I have kids who don’t like to get animal saliva on their shirts, LOL.  Not being able to change into a dry shirt could really derail our fun day.

I try to bring along some patience with me when I bring toddlers to the zoo.  Taking toddlers anywhere usually demands extra patience, and the zoo is no different.

Lastly, I like to leave my plan for the zoo AT HOME.  I let my toddlers lead us around to what they want to see.  If they are really grooving in the camel area, we may stay there for 2 hours, lol.  It is a learning experience for them and they have so much more fun when they can explore at their own pace.

What you need for a trip to the zoo with toddlers can vary from family to family, but I think this list is pretty comprehensive for most people!  Being prepared always takes a load off of me, and lets me relax and enjoy our day out.

what you need for a trip to the zoo with toddlers

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what you need for a trip to the zoo with toddlers

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