How I Saved My Sanity with a Toddler Snack Station

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It was getting crazy. Those two toddlers have learned how to play off each other and manipulate mommy. One would fuss for a snack–I’d provide them an apple sauce pouch (you know the ones) and a sippy cup, then sit down to work…and that’s when the other “toddler alarm” would go off. Something had to give. I was losing my mind running up and down the stairs from the playroom to the kitchen getting them snacks, drinks and repeating for the other kiddo. Ultimately, this is How I Saved My Sanity with a Toddler Snack Station.

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And, randomly, because I set up this snack station, I was able to make some better snacking choices for my kiddos, too. Because I realized I was failing them there–which may have been part of the reason they were fussing for a snack so often. I mean, seriously, we were going through an entire box of those pouches a day–not a good plan…totally an unbalanced snacking. Bad mom, me. LOL!

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What I Did to Set Up a Toddler Snack Station

So, I started by grabbing a few more snacks than just those apple sauce pouches. There were just too many of those being eaten in one day for my liking. My children were going to turn into banana-apple-strawberry-sauce. So, I grabbed some packages of other wholesome, balanced treats, like Capri Sun Organic (paid link). You know, stuff like that, because kids like it for the taste and parents like for the simpler ingredients

I cleaned off a spot on our “art table” (though we have never used it for art–we use the kitchen table for that…not sure why we even have an “art table” now that I think about it)–commandeering that corner for snacks, drinks and books, a great combo.

Now, to make this cool, compact and easy for the kiddos to reach, I found one of those spinny lazy-suzan turntables. I filled that up with some dried fruit, whole-grain graham crackers and cereals, those apple sauce pouches (because I didn’t want to get rid of them completely). Some whole-grain cookies and a whole 1/2 of one shelf dedicated to juice drinks.

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The hero of my snack station is DEFINITELY the Capri Sun Organic (paid link) juice drinks. I know my kiddos are getting one serving of fruit in each pouch*, without any added sugar AND 100% recommended Daily Value Vitamin C. Plus, when they’re thirsty, they can get a drink without me having to run to the fridge–because that was getting old. No jokes. I think my thighs grew two inches thicker from running up and down the stairs in the last couple of months to get them refills. It was getting ridiculous.

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So, would this one little change to snack time make your life just a scootch easier? I hope so, my lovelies. Because, since I set up this snack station, I feel like I’ve been able to do so much more. And I feel like the girls are fussing less, simply because they know they can get a snack when they want (mommy’s not controlling it, they just have to go get something).

I’d love to hear if this helps you–I know I can’t be the only mom ready to pull her hair out for having to run errands for toddlers all day. So, drop me a comment below, or find me on Facebook. I can’t wait to hear from you!

*Each pouch provides 1/2 cup fruit juice which is one serving of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

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