How I Tricked My Toddler Into Potty Training

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I love this mom's thoughts on how to trick your toddler into potty training--very funny. LOL!

Let me start by saying that I’m a VERY honest person. There’s not much I lie about. As I’ve told my son a million times–I just don’t know how to lie, so I don’t. Things are safer that way for everyone. (well, except when I trick my toddlers into eating veggies–but that’s another story). But I had a huge accomplishment this week. Seriously. Like monumentally huge. I was able to lie my pants off to my toddler and get her on the potty–and peeing. Consistently. My friends, this is How I Tricked My Toddler Into Potty Training. And I am SO FREAKIN’ PROUD.

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How I Tricked My Toddler Into Potty Training

  • No more diapers. I decided about 2 weeks ago not to buy anymore diapers in her size. And so I told her: “Soon there aren’t going to be anymore diapers.” I would ask her what she was going to do then and she’d sometimes shrug, sometimes just giggle. And one time she told me she was going to potty outside like our dogs. But I kept asking and showing her that the diapers were dwindling. Mmmhmmm…
  • Switching to Pull-Ups. I just told her that when the diapers were gone–well, she was going to have to use the Pull-Ups. And then, the first time she put them on…big deal. We had a talk about how there weren’t going to be anymore of mommy changing them…she’d have to do this on her own–that that’s the only way they worked.
  • Potty availability. I made 2 potties available–one in the bathroom and one in the playroom where we spend most of our time. That way she would see them as “normal” things and we could talk about them whenever. And that way there weren’t any excuses for not getting to the potty on time. Heh.

Sam’s Club, as always, has some of the best prices on Pull-Ups, so that’s where I headed after making the decision to go forth and potty train.

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They have Pull-Ups for the Doc McStuffins crowd or for the Jake and the Neverland Pirates crowd–so everybody’s covered. Heh. Literally. LOL! 

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And, if you’re totally excited to start tricking your kids…be sure to check out How I Trick My Toddlers into Eating Veggies (it’s killer-funny in a mom-kind-of-way and super-easy).

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And leave me a comment to let me know if you have any additional tips for keeping us on the potty-training express! We’d love to hear from you.

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