6 Yoga Poses Toddlers Can Do (with a free printable)

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These 6 yoga poses that toddlers can do Genius. I mean, seriously, if I can get my littlies to do yoga now! They're going to enjoy it with me forever! LOL!

So, I started doing yoga with the toddlers. The first time was, well, funny for all of us. I haven’t done yoga in years, and I ALWAYS did it in a studio…so doing it in the playroom floor with Jake and the Neverland Pirates playing in the background–funny. But, after a few times, now I’ve found these super-easy 6 Yoga Poses Toddlers Can Do–that they’ll actually DO. And this, my lovelies, is how you yoga with toddlers. (I feel like a yoga-genius, heh)

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6 Yoga Poses Toddlers Can Do

So, yeah, there’s all sorts of benefits to doing yoga with your kids, in my opinion. And I’m not going to hash through those again, but, needless to say, they really like it and so do I. So, how do I get them to do these poses?

  • I show them. A couple of times. So, after our shower in the morning, I clear off a space in the playroom and go through these poses. Seriously.
  • I invite them to do it, too. If they seem more interested in me than Jake and those crazy pirates of his, I ask my girls if they’d like to help me or sit next to me. Whatever I can to engage them.
  • I show them the picture. This was a game-changer for us. They can even point to which one they want to do…awesome.

6 easy yoga poses that toddlers can do free printable

  • I tell them what we’re doing. My oldest likes to know, verbally, how to do it before we do it. If that makes sense. Heh.
  • I help them. Sometimes, a little helping hand is all they need–so I give them a little boost.

Easy, right? And then we just hold the pose for as long as they’d like–I usually count to ten, then we’re on to the next thing. Really, this has been a lot of fun and I don’t see it changing for a long, long time.

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You can download your free printable showing the 6 yoga poses toddler can do in JPG format here or your PDF format here.

And, don’t forget, if you’re just starting out with yoga (or starting over like me), you can get my free printable with 20 Yoga Poses for Beginners here.

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So, what do you think of these 6 Yoga Poses Toddlers Can Do? Think your littlies will enjoy participating in yoga with you? Let me know how it goes! Just drop me a line in the comments below or find me over on Facebook!

Take a sec and pin this to your favorite Pinterest exercise board, so you can retrieve it and the free printable (just in case the dog eats it)!

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