5 Crazy Potty Training Hacks

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These Potty Training Hacks are just so clever! I love what she does with the kid's backpack. LOL!

I dreaded potty training. Our first foray ended in the toddler refusing to sit on the potty at home for almost 4 months. She’s FINALLY potty-trained (mostly–it’s a process, y’all!). And, having done it now, I’ve got these 5 Crazy Potty Training Hacks I Wish I’d Known Before Potty Training (that I think you’ll find pretty useful, too). Heh.

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5 Crazy Potty Training Hacks I Wish I’d Known Before Potty Training

  1. Nekkid Works Best. Seriously. If we have a day where accidents are starting–we just strip those pants off and revert to day one. (Yeah, all of day one–and maybe day two, my toddler spent nekkid from the waste down). So, if you want to potty train, do it NEKKID. At least at first. And then anytime they need a reminder.
  2. Wipes–for the Toilet. Don’t bother telling me you don’t use wipes on your baby’s bottom. I don’t care. Regardless of whether you do or you use paper towels or reusable wipes, you NEED Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths for the potty training. Critical for cleaning the little potties after a successful wee or poo.
  3. Panties=Diapers. Apparently panties are confusing. They look like diapers and trying to transition to them is a hurdle. I thought they’d be a natural progression. They. Are. Not. Don’t bother buying the cute panties yet. There’s a reason they don’t make them in your toddler’s size. 5 crazy potty training hacks fb
  4. To-Go Pack. You thought you were done with diaper bags. You were wrong. So wrong. So wrong that you probably need to go back to school for a degree in child-rearing–wait, no. You need to go to the store and get the kid their OWN diaper bag (of sorts). That’s the trick here. Getting them to carry their own potty-training goods (like their pull-ups, an extra change of pants, some Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths for the seat of the toilet at the store where SHE INSISTS ON POTTYING!). You know, that.
  5. Move FAST. I’m not joking. I don’t mean: “walk that toddler to the toilet in just a minute–after you rinse your hands or put those dirty clothes in the machine.” No, I mean: “Move now, as in 5 minutes ago would have been nice, now MOVE!”

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So, what do you think of these 5 Crazy Potty Training Hacks? Seriously, if you have any to add, I would LOVE the additional help. Anything to make it easier. And, if you loved these, but aren’t quite ready–or have another one that won’t be ready for a while, be sure to check out my 5 Crazy Diaper Changing Hacks I Wish I’d Known–you’ll thank me…because, at this point, I know all the tricks for making the potty-thing (diapered or otherwise) work.

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