Star Wars Easter Eggs

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The nerdy Jedi in me has to bring you a way to make Star Wars  Easter eggs with your nerdy kids. Or maybe it’s just for your nerdy self. Either way totally work’s ya’ll. You know Han and Chewbacca would be totally down to decorate eggs with you if they weren’t constantly trying to fend off Darth Vader.

Star Wars Easter Egg

Take your kids around the galaxy. Get those Star Wars movies out. Make some Star Wars themed snacks for a fun filled nerdy event. You can even get more creative with some themed Easter baskets. Add in some star destroyers, some Rey figurines, a death star, some candies, and you’ll be that cool mom that’s out of this galaxy!


Star Wars Easter Egg

  1. Blue Americolor Food Coloring
  2. Black Americolor Food Coloring
  3. 4 tablespoon vinegar
  4. hot water
  5. eggs
  6. Star Wars stickers
  7. dry rack or egg cartoon
  8. 2 spoons

In a small sauce pan add eggs and water. Bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Turn off. Remove eggs. Let water cool to hot not boiling. Pour water into two bowls. Add three drops of food coloring with two tablespoons of vinegar to each boil. Stir. Place eggs in dye and move them around often with a spoon. Rotating to get even color. Remove to drying area. Once dry you may place Star Wars stickers on each egg.

Star Wars Easter Egg

Even teenager will like this project. Something to make it even more of a challenge try out some Star Wars trilogy. Bust out with “What was the name of the millennium falcon when Lando Calrissian owned it?” or “Who did Ewoks worship as a god?”. Either one of these will have their little nerdy heads spinning. I am pretty sure you can Google a few more if you need to.



Star Wars Easter Egg

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