Totally Amazeballs Unicorn Bath Bombs

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Over here at Nerdy Mamma we’ve been working on all things unicorn. From Unicorn bath bombs to unicorn muddy buddies to deliciously swirled unicorn fudge. The coolest thing about unicorns is their amazing year round gifts. I mean who doesn’t love unicorns? These amazeballs Unicorn Bath Bombs are so darn awesome sauce when you drop them into a bath tub.

Unicorn Bath Bombs

All these sparkly colors like the hair of a unicorn will swirl around in your tub fizzing. We’ve noticed that when making bath bombs the oil you use like coconut oil makes all the difference in how you skin comes out feeling soft. Coconut oil is the best to use. Second to that the pumpkin seed oil is also a fantastic option. We found that vegetable oil can feel over greasy. We avoid it when making bath bombs.

Unicorn Bath Bomb:

1 cup baking soda
1 cup citric acid (canning section or Amazon)
1/2 cornstarch
3 tablespoons coconut oil
3 to 6 drops of fragrance (your choice)
2 drops each food coloring (pink, purple, turquoise, yellow)
bath bomb mold

In a bowl, add in corn starch, citric acid, and baking soda stir well. Add in coconut oil (or other oil) and stir with a fork to keep light and fluffy. Add in fragrance. Separate into four small dishes. Add yellow, purple, pink, and turquoise two drops each mix. In a large bowl add all colors together.

Using the mold pack both sides of mold then press together. Once you press together leave in mold for about a minute then remove and place on a tray to dry (harden) overnight.

Unicorn Bath Bombs
These are so fun. They go perfectly in a unicorn gift basket for any holiday! Just search unicorn on this blog for more awesome items to make a unicorn gift basket.

OMG these unicorn bath bombs are AMAZEBALLS!

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