Star Wars Chocolates

Star Wars Candies

(Inside: Nerds unite! Let’s talk about the new Star Wars movies coming out this year, AND about the awesomely rad Star Wars chocolates I made!) You guys. This year there are two brand new Star Wars movies coming out. Ahhh! With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming up super fast, I think gifting these totally … Read more

Elf On The Shelf Star Wars Style!

You've GOT to check out these super adorable Star Wars Elf on a Shelf ideas! #StarWars #ElfonaShelf #Christmas #KidsActivities #Activities #ElfIdeas #ElfonaShelfIdeas

Do you have a boy or girl completely obsessed with Star Wars? We have a few ways that you can Elf On The Shelf Star Wars Style that your kids are totally going to LOVE! They will get a kick out their elf’s Star Wars antics. Darth Vader, Rey, BB-8, and Chewbacca along with a sign that … Read more

Death Star Pizza

With the recent solar eclipse I just couldn’t stop thinking about how do we know it’s the moon. I mean it really could be the death star right? Then I was hungry so it came to me like an epiphany you know Death Star Pizza. This is grand! Tasty Death Star pizza that could satisfy … Read more