30 Beer Gifts for Brewmaster-Dudes

gift ideas for the beer drinking dad feature

This is the ultimate list of awesome Father’s Day gifts–or just gifts for dudes that really like beer anytime. These 30 Beer Gifts for Brewmaster-Dudes are truly the very best cream-of-the-crop for dudes that just love beer. Ok, so there’s one word to describe how it’s been in our house for the past 3 years. Dry. Yup. No … Read more

Star Wars Chocolates

Star Wars Candies

(Inside: Nerds unite! Let’s talk about the new Star Wars movies coming out this year, AND about the awesomely rad Star Wars chocolates I made!) You guys. This year there are two brand new Star Wars movies coming out. Ahhh! With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming up super fast, I think gifting these totally … Read more

Ridiculously Cute And Simple DIY Mug for Valentines Day!

OMG... You've GOT to make this ridiculously cute & simple DIY Mug for Valentine's Day! It's ADORBS and takes like NO time! #ValentinesDay #valentines #valentine #DIYmug #DIYproject #EasyCraft

(Inside: OMG… You’ve GOT to make this ridiculously cute and simple DIY Mug for Valentine’s Day! It’s crazy easy and sooo stinkin’ cute!!) Are you always looking for that really cute DIY project for a special Valentine on your list? I love to make this DIY Valentine Heart Mug for my friends. You can put all … Read more

Star Wars Ship Peppermints

Star Wars Peppermints

Think about that perfect homemade gift for that nerdy Star Wars fan on your list. Whether it be the holidays or even a birthday gift these Star Wars Ship Peppermints are bound to do the trick. Wow them with your creativity! Show them you know how to blow them out of the galaxy just like the … Read more