Death Star Pizza

With the recent solar eclipse I just couldn’t stop thinking about how do we know it’s the moon. I mean it really could be the death star right? Then I was hungry so it came to me like an epiphany you know Death Star Pizza. This is grand! Tasty Death Star pizza that could satisfy … Read more

Why Leggings and T’s Should be Hailed as Heroes

If you have been around me, you know I’m all about the leggings and the tees. Believe it or not, but some people just don’t get why leggings and tees should be hailed as heroes. Let me explain! Leggings are so comfortable. When you don’t feel like putting anything else on, leggings are so comfortable. … Read more

Mommy, I want a tattoo…

what to say to your kid when they say they want a tattoo feature

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about teenagers, my little girls, and the potential confluence of those two things. The idea of my babies one day growing-up and doing the crazy things I did–I can’t even type it without throwing up shivering a little. How my mom survived, I will never understand. But, really, so … Read more