Unicorn Lip Scrub

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(Inside: Perfect for birthday parties, slumber parties, or any kind of party really, this unicorn lip scrub recipe is sure to be a hit for all ages!)

When making favors for parties I always try and think of things that girls and boys both like.

I have to tell ya’ll… Unicorns are totally both for boys and girls.

Unicorn Lip Scrubs are fantastic for girls and boys that want to have something colorful in their gift bags.

And bonus… They’re really simple to make. For a start, you can buy the containers on Amazon. They also have plenty of supplies at the local dollar store.

Inexpensive and easy make them awesome for both you and the kids! LOL

Unicorn Lip Scrub

Unicorn Lip Scrub really doesn’t take much to create. Some food coloring, sugar, and coconut oil. That’s really it!

And hey, because the Unicorn Lip Scrub is so cheap to make, you can make plenty to go around in those goody bags.

I mean how cute would a The Last Unicorn party be??

You could have pin the horn on the unicorn, and you could easily make unicorn horn wands and unicorn party masks.

This Unicorn Lip Scrub would be a perfect addition!

Unicorn Lip Scrub

For food, you can make unicorn ice cream.

This can be paired with unicorn cupcakes, unicorn fudge, or even unicorn muddy buddies. YUM!

Make a backyard movie screen with a sheet. Use your laptop projection screen or even a DVD to projector device to have the movie play outside.

If it’s cold outside just bring the party into a cleared room with a sheet. Serve up some unicorn hot chocolate and the kids will have a blast!

Unicorn Lip Scrub

For games, hide a stuffed unicorn to play “Find the Last Unicorn”.

Have prizes for several rounds of games so everyone feels like a winner.

If your unicorn party is for tweens or preteens then just amp it up with some Unicorn spa jar gifts instead of goody bags, featuring the amazing Unicorn Lip Scrub, of course.

You can even have a Find the Last Unicorn game but instead of a stuffy do a pair of leggings, and who doesn’t love a pair of those!

You might even get the moms that hang around into finding that unicorn…

Unicorn Lip Scrub


  • small containers
  • 1 cup sugar
  • pink food coloring dye
  • blue food coloring dye
  • yellow food coloring dye
  • purple food coloring dye
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons coconut oil


  1. In a large bowl, add sugar and coconut oil just until the sugar starts to clump and be wet. You don’t want this to become like syrup.
  2. Separate the mixture into four bowls. Add food coloring and fluff with fork.
  3. In a medium bowl, mix these together lightly with fork.
  4. Scoop into the containers and seal.

Just like that, you’re all done!

Now, get your pin on so you have it the next time you’re throwing a fantastically pastel unicorn party…

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