Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play

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This is EXACTLY the idea I needed to hep keep my kids occupied and happy while I make Thanksgiving dinner (and maybe Christmas dinner, too)! And it smells awesome. What's not to love!

I really should have named this post: “How to Keep Kids Occupied while Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner” or at least, how I hope to. Frankly, I love this Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play and will probably make it again for the kids, even if I’m not trying to make an over-done holiday meal. LOL!

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Ingredients for the Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play

  • 1 hand full white play dough (I used my Vanilla Play Dough recipe because I’m IN LOVE)
  • 1 hand full of red play dough (I used my Peppermint Play Dough recipe because–well, it’s like peppermint for peppermint…)
  • 1 mini-loaf pan per kid (to give them a place to “bake” their creations)
  • A red ribbon or two for cutting, wrapping, whatever they want
  • 1 chopstick per kid (wouldn’t want them learning how to use them and showing me up)
  • Cookie cutters – I happened to have some heart ones laying around, but you can use anything

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Setting-up the Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play

  1. Place the individual settings on the table like you would set up a dinner.
  2. When the kids start to get restless or start getting in the way in the kitchen, just offhandedly remark: “Oh, I need help with…” then wave your hand distractedly in the general direction of the table.
  3. In minutes, there will be squealing and fun occurring while you cook. LOL!

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Yes, I know there’s no actual candy in this invitation to play, but I’ll be honest, I think it just smells/looks like candy and they can make candy-shaped things if they so wish. I mean, if I added candy to this, there’d be no room for them to play in the little tubs. And they’d eat it. So why would I want to ENCOURAGE that?! LOL!

No, in all seriousness, if you’re looking for a way to keep the kiddos busy while you cook, this is a great activity. Pretty hands-off as far as a parent is concerned, and if you don’t give them candy, then, they’re not likely to have a sugar-rush afterwards that makes the whole rest of your day a hassle. And, the best part? They’ll be having fun while they work off some of that extra energy from the excitement of Thanksgiving. I’d say that’s a pretty big win in my book.

Thank you for sharing!

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