Super Fun and Simple Muddy Pumpkin Patch Invitation to Play

pumpkin patch mud pie playdough idea sq

My daughter gets really bored with plain play dough. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but she’ll just play with it for a minute and then be like “eh”. So, to make it more interesting, I like to set up fun invitations to play with our play dough recipes, a little “here’s something fun” … Read more

Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play

mini invitation to play for thanksgiving feature

I really should have named this post: “How to Keep Kids Occupied while Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner” or at least, how I hope to. Frankly, I love this Mini-Peppermint Candy Invitation to Play and will probably make it again for the kids, even if I’m not trying to make an over-done holiday meal. LOL! Ingredients for … Read more