Ridiculously Easy Halloween Treats!

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OMG These Halloween treats are easy, adorable, and fun!

If you’ve been around here a while, you’ll know that I’m more than a bit obsessed with Halloween. Like, if we could have Halloween all year that would be a-okay with me! I pinky promised myself before I had kids that I would make super special holiday treats for my family every holiday, and that’s proven a lot more difficult as I’ve added kids to my family. That’s why I’m always up for making some ridiculously easy Halloween treats!

easy halloween treats

So if you’re a mom like me, just trying to make some fun Halloween memories without spending HOURS slaving away in the kitchen, this post is for you! These ridiculously easy Halloween treats are quick to make, and super tasty, so you’ll have all of the neighborhood kids begging to come to your Halloween party!

OMG These Halloween treats are easy, adorable, and fun!

Ridiculously Easy Halloween Treats

This edible fake blood is perfect for drizzling over creepy Halloween cupcakes and it takes literally two minutes to put together!


This rotten zombie punch is super easy to make and it’s perfect for a Halloween party!


OMG this zombie ice cream is seriously so good. It’s a must-make this Halloween!


These Halloween Monster Eye Cookies are SO FLIPPING CUTE!


How ADORBS are these graveyard bubblegum cupcakes??

bubble gum cupcakes ra

These spaghetti monster cupcakes are perfect for a Halloween party!

how to make spaghetti monster cupcakes sq

OMG. These dem bones zombie snacks are creepy looking and super simple to make!

dem bones zombie snacks in a jar sq

These decadently dark candy apples are perfect for a Halloween party treat!


This slow cooker Halloween candy hot cocoa is wicked simple to make and it’s perfect for stormy Halloween nights!

what to do with halloween candy sq

Y’all these vegan spider cupcakes are ridiculously cute!

eggless and dairy free halloween spider cupcakes sq

Creep out your guests with these super creepy brain cupcakes!

easy vegan brain cupcake recipe sq

These Monsters on a Log are super fun and kids can make them themselves! Hellooooo memories!


Okay, I’m Halloween obsessed and these eyeball cupcakes give ME the creeps!

egg-free and dairy-free halloween cupcakes sq

I love this brain matter soda for a wicked simple Halloween drink!

fun drink for halloween party with no dairy or egg random

These easy melted ghost cookies are perfect for busy moms who need a last minute Halloween snack!

melted ghost cookies for halloween feature

These bloodshot eyeball cupcakes are super creepy!


These easy candy spiders only take five minutes and they’re super adorable!

easy edible spider recipe feature

These super fast vampire denture cookies are easy and really tasty!

super-fast vampire dentures cookies feature

This bloody eyeball dessert is wicked creepy and perfect for Halloween!

easy halloween dessert idea sq

This melted dragon’s brew would be perfect for a creepy drink at a Halloween party!


These easy Frankenstein cookies are so simple I made them with my toddler. Plus they’re so cute!

frankensein cookies kids can make feature

This monster lemon ice cream is adorable and delicious. What else could we possibly need for Halloween??

easy halloween ice cream for kids fg

This candy corn ice cream is super tasty and it only takes 10 minutes to throw together!

vegan candy corn ice cream recipe feature

OMG How adorable are these zombie chocolate covered strawberries?


These candy corn rice krispies treats are super cute, super delicious, and super easy to make!

easy candy corn rice krispie treat idea feature

So there you have it, friends! These ridiculously simple Halloween treats are perfect whether you’re throwing a super fun Halloween party, you need to bring some spooky treats to your kids’ preschool, or you just want to make some yummy treats to have before you head out trick-or-treating! But just in case you aren’t making all of these recipes RIGHT NOW, make sure that you pin this post to save it for later!

OMG These Halloween treats are easy, adorable, and fun!

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