Bacon-Wrapped Turkey and Mushroom Poppers

These delicious bacon-wraped turkey and mushroom poppers are the perfect appetizer recipe for a New Years party or just an awesome use of leftover turkey. LOVE!

This is a traditional way to use up that left over Turkey in our family, and most of us can’t wait for the “eating of the leftovers” to begin. We enjoy a couple of different leftover turkey dishes, but, when we get down to tidbits and pieces, we make these irresistible Bacon-Wrapped Turkey and Mushroom Poppers. … Read more

Soft Gingerbread Cookies that Don’t Spread

soft gingerbread cookies that don't spread sq

I think there should be a national holiday where we all celebrate soft gingerbread cookies that don’t spread. And Christmas isn’t dedicated to the cookie, so it doesn’t count and you can’t convince me of it. But the thing is, not all gingerbread recipes are created equal. No, some spread, some aren’t very gingery and … Read more