Ghostly Long Island Iced Tea Jello Shots

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This content is intended for adults over the age of 21 only. Just FYI. So, if you’re not, please find another fun article to read… Some days are just made for a jello shot. You know, party days. Or just days that you don’t want to adult anymore. You know. Those days. And, when those … Read more

Pika….Pikaaaa….Pikachu Punch {Kid-Friendly Drink}

Let’s be honest with ourselves, ok? All of us want to be kids again. Like for reals, this whole growing-up thing is SO overrated. And when I hear Pika…Pika…Pikachu! I get all sorts of excited like the little girl that heard that silliness for the first time. Yes. I am a nerd. With a nerdy … Read more

Jigglypuff Punch {Kid-Friendly Drink}

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I have a secret confession to make: Pikachu is not my favorite Pokemon. There. I said it. Now it’s out in the world and you can all judge me so very harshly for it. Its sad, I know, but I’m a Jigglypuff girl. All the way. I mean, the others are cute, don’t get me … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Pokemon Go Drinks

OMG these Pokemon Go drinks are seriously amazeballs! From Bulbasaur fruit punch to a Pichu shot, this post has all the best Pokemon Go drinks!

[tps_header] So you’ve spent all day playing Pokemon Go! and you’re finally home and wanting to put your feet up. What better way to relax than with these super fun Pokemon Go Drinks?! Not to mention, you earned it burning all those calories walking to hatch eggs! Heh. Pokemon Go Drinks Just scroll through to see … Read more

Pokeball Fruit Punch {Kid-Friendly Beverage}

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I’ve seen a lot of “how to stay safe when playing Pokemon Go!” posts out there from avid players. But, one thing that REALLY needs to be discussed is staying HYDRATED while playing the game–because it’s a hot summer, there’s a lot of walking going on. And, well, let’s be honest, the tasty notes of … Read more