Milk and Cookie Shots Recipe

Here is a different way to snack on your cookies and milk. These Milk and Cookie Shots are starting to get attention for their unique way of drinking milk and munching cookies. Who doesn’t love chocolate chipscookies with fresh milk at the side? I enjoy dunking my cookies into a glass of my favorite milk. … Read more

Gingerbread House Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe

Gingerbread House Hot Cocoa Bombs

Have you heard about Hot Cocoa Bombs? Here is one wildly awesome hot bomb that you’ll love: Gingerbread House Hot Cocoa Bombs! These oh-so flavorful and quick-melt hot cocoa bombs became trendy because of their crafty aesthetic. But I decided to take it one step further, of course. Plus, you get to have a warm and delicious chocolate … Read more

Zombie Snot Dip – An EPIC Halloween Party Dip

This is HILARIOUS. I have to make this Zombie Snot Dip for our Halloween Party--such an easy recipe. I love it.

(Inside: It’s gross, it’s funny…And it’s green. So, your dip is Zombie Snot Dip? Oh, well, that’s just the most epic Halloween party dip I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of being served. Hunh.) I just kind of want to drop the mic here. This Zombie Snot Dip is the coolest appetizer ever. And … Read more

Zombie Ice Cream {Vegan & Gluten-Free Rootbeer Float Ice Cream}


I am going to be blatantly honest with you–I’m working on putting together a book of zombie recipes. Yep. Working hard at making recipes for zombies so that, when the apocalypse comes, I won’t be on the menu. Best to be prepared that way. (I can’t stop giggling.) One of the top recipes in the … Read more