Easy Thanksgiving Dinner and Shopping List

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I love having all my thanksgiving dinner laid-out like this. So easy to just click and cook. And with the printable shopping list--my Thanksgiving dinner just got tons easier! LOL!

In our house, putting together Thanksgiving Dinner is an art. We don’t go down to the deli and buy a “take-out” dinner, or go to the local warehouse and purchase pre-made pies and salads. We like to cook, and we like the camaraderie that results from spending hours in the kitchen together. But that doesn’t mean we like it crazy complicated. No, we like an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner, and this is what we’re preparing this year. Heck, we’ve even made our shopping list–a comprehensive shopping list, of everything you need to make this easy Thanksgiving dinner. So you can just print it, take it to the store, get everything you need and cook. Easy is the name of this game. LOL!

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Easy Thanksgiving Dinner

Helping out, there’s always a Ya-Ya (that’s me), Poppa, the Moms and Dads, the kiddos, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends, and you-name-it. Everyone has a job to do, and everyone chips in. There won’t be any of that “you bring this, and they’ll bring that” at our house. Ya-Ya and Daughter Unit #1 do the shopping a couple days in advance and as guests arrive, aprons are handed out, tied on and the cooking begins. Here’s what’s on the menu for us this year:

  1. As we cook, we also like to have a snack, so the first item on the menu will be Mamma’s Ultimate Cheeseball. There must be at least a million recipes out there for a cheese ball, but this is the Cheese Ball that no one can get enough of. When we make Mamma’s Ultimate Cheese Ball at Thanksgiving, we actually have to make a double batch, just to make sure we don’t run out. This is a great appetizer served with crackers or celery sticks.
  2. The featured item will, of course, be the turkey. But, this isn’t just any old turkey (well, it starts out as just any old turkey, but that’s beside the point). In fact, this is the perfect recipe that will explain How to Make a Cheap Turkey Taste Amazing.
  3. The next item in our Easy Thanksgiving Dinner will be the ham. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever gone out and paid half a week’s pay for a ham that you hoped would be the envy of everyone on your block, but this is NOT one of those hams! Well, it WILL be the envy of everyone you know, but you won’t have to take out a loan to pay for it. Once you’ve tried this ham recipe, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to Make a Cheap Ham Taste Amazing.
  4. What, you may ask, will we serve with these two magnificent meat dishes? Of course, no Thanksgiving Dinner would be complete without Texas Cornbread Dressing! This recipe has been handed down through our family for at least 5 generations, and we’ve yet to find a better recipe. Although, last Thanksgiving we did try the muffin tin version, and it was a big hit with everybody. Each person had to have a muffin AND a helping from the big pan–just so, you know, they could compare the taste. LOL! free printable shopping list for thanksgiving
  5. Some Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans also make a great addition to the holiday feast! This recipe calls for brown sugar, but we make them without the sugar, let them marinade overnight, and they are irresistible.
  6. Mashed potatoes–and, yes, I did say MASHED potatoes, not creamed potatoes. They may have some lumps.
  7. Whole kernel corn, poured from the can into a bowl with a pat of margarine, and heated in the microwave. This is just a little filler for the table and the tummy.
  8. For dessert, we’ll have a bowl of Mamma’s Famous Cranberry Salad. Not only is it delicious, but it looks really good on the table, too.

So, that’s it. Not so much that it’s going to bend the table in half when we serve it–but more than enough to fill everyone’s tummies to bursting. If you think this might be the route for you, check out our free printable shopping list.

You can download the PDF here or the JPG here.

If you make this, or have any yummy suggestions to add, just drop us a line in the comments! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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