Getting a Better Night’s Sleep Helped Me be a Better Mom

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I’d been wanting to take my toddler Jelly on a nature walk for like a week, but I kept feeling very blegh every morning, and the afternoons are her nap time, and evenings are just a mess…so the nature walk just kept being put off and put off. That’s when I realized I needed to get a better night’s sleep, just so I could be more present with my kids, if not for my sanity. Because being locked-up in a house all day was just making the situation worse. And I was right, Getting a Better Night’s Sleep Helped Me be a Better Mom–one that could keep-up with crazy, crazier and craziest kids. Heh.

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Getting a Better Night’s Sleep Helped Me be a Better Mom

With a 13 year old who has a busy schedule, a 2 year old who is crazy-busy and a 7 month old that is learning to crawl, I think I need some extra sleep more than any other person on the planet on just a regular day. Being awake and well-rested allows me to be more present and willing to do things like take my girls on a nature hike. We do these kind of walks frequently, when I’m feeling well-rested, but not so much when I’m so tired…And when I found myself in a slump and we hadn’t gone outside in like 4 days, I knew I needed to step-up my sleep-game. What was keeping me up? A little nagging headache and just general anxiety from the coming holidays. Normal stuff, but I was clearly letting it get to me.

So, the kiddos and I headed to Walgreens to pick-up all the things I needed.

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I just followed my own little recipe for a Healing Night’s Sleep:

  1. Sleep Mask – I just have to block-out all the light. Get it dark and I’ll sleep so much better.
  2. Advil PM – Headaches are my worst problem when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. I can’t get to sleep and I certainly don’t stay that way. Advil PM makes a huge difference in my quality of sleep by getting rid of the headache and then helping me find that deeper restful state I need.
  3. Warm Socks – This is huge for me. If my feet are cold, my sleep is terrible.
  4. Soothing Music – Ok, so this one is a no-brainer. Well, sort of. I don’t actually listen to music like “normal” people. I listen to a podcast about the History of Rome (I’m such a nerd!). I can focus on the story the guy is telling, but it’s not like a TV show with loud noises. It’s just gentle, soft, and then…zzzzzzzz….But I hear music works for most people.

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After I did this, my whole perspective was different the next morning. We got our awesome nature walk and I was totally in the moment with my kiddos the whole time. Made for a fun morning–and a much funner me. Which is totally the best kind of mom I can give my kids.

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Drop me a comment below to let me know if you’ve got any suggestions to help me sleep–because although Advil PM helps me get ready for a perfect night sleep, I think I can always use more help when these slumps hit me!

getting a better night's sleep helped me be a better mom ra

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