July 4th Farm Truck Mason Jars Craft

These Farm Truck Mason Jars with red, white, and blue are making their way for the coming holiday. The excitement is always in the air when the 4th of July is approaching. Yesirrie! Mason jars are one of my favorite craft materials. You may have noticed a few other mason jar crafts on my blog site. … Read more

Pencil, Paper, and Crayon Painted Jar Craft

This colorful Pencil, Paper, and Crayon Painted Jar Craft is so adorable and perfect for a Teacher appreciation gift idea, I just can’t even! Not only does this make a great craft for teachers, it’s also a fun way to organize your pens, pencils and crayons. Honestly, I made a set for the teacher and a … Read more

Rainbow Unicorn Mason Jar Nightlights

Can’t get enough unicorns in your life? Good! Because here is my favorite mason jar craft: Rainbow Unicorn Mason Jar Nightlights! These DIY Nightlights are so cute. As soon as the fairy lights are turned on, that’s when the magic starts. Any kiddo is going to love them. They are perfect for a kids’ room, the … Read more