Butterbeer Whipped Soap Recipe – The Wizzard’s Soap

Butterbeer Whipped Soap

Expecto patronum! I just want to make sure that there are no Dementors lurking around because we are going to make some Butterbeer. Well, actually it’s not THE drink. This time, it’s going to be something we use in a bathroom. Accio Butterbeer Whipped Soap! Ooooh! How exciting! I tell you… his is no ordinary soap. This Butterbeer Whipped … Read more

Unicorn Calendars – Free Printable and Customizable

Printable Unicorn Calendars

If you’re anything like me, unicorns are the best ever – and these Unicorn Calendars are so adorable, printable and can be used all year round… Seriously, you can customize this Unicorn Calendar – I mean, obviously, you can write the dates of the month or you can edit each of the calendars on your … Read more